This wikia is about the manga & otome game Ozmafia!!

Our heroine has amnesia and finds herself in a familiar town full of mafia families. She gets picked by one of them, the Oz family. They’re not just any family though, they are the Wizard of OZ characters, with the leader being the Lion Caramia, and his two right hand men the Scarecrow Kyrie and the Tin Man Axel. They give her the name Fuka and from that day on she spends her days being a freeloader and interacting with other mafia families in town. Spoilers immediately following the jump

Spoilors! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! ( if you plan on playing the game soon i recommend NOT reading below) Edit


Since the epilogue of the game pretty much is more like a PROLOGUE to the game I’m just gonna barf all the spoilers here. There once was a girl named Dorothy who along with her dog Toto, got her house blown away and had to follow the yellow brick road to Emerald City. On her way she met a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man and a cowardly lion.  They all decided to stick together and hope that the Wizard of Oz would give them what they are missing, and allow Dorothy to go home. Once they reached Emerald City everyone got their brains, hearts and courage but Dorothy decided that she can’t leave her traveling friends alone.  She decided to stay back so she could watch over them and she acquired magic powers to do so. Unfortunately by doing so, she became a witch and in order to not become the wicked witch of the west, she had to be forever alone as she is not allowed to use magic for her own benefit. By request she then turned the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man into hot dudes, and decided to play doll house by creating a town for them and creating a bunch of other fairy tail characters  and throwing them into the mix.  All the characters she created since they are “created” are basically immortal and they live forever and never change (kinda like in QR’s Alice game.)

The humans who live in this town though ARE mortal which is why they are commoners and only the created cast all somehow banded into separate mafia groups. In order to be able to watch over everyone but not interact with them directly, Dorothy also created a tower in the middle of the city  where she confined herself along with her dog Toto. After a while though, Dorothy got lonely and decided to leave the tower cause she got sick of being Miss Rapunsel. By leaving town though, it messed up her magic and split her body, soul and magic into 3 parts. The body is in a coma, the magic is wandering outside town and the soul… our heroine Fuka! That’s right Fuka is actually a self insert Mary Sue for Dorothy to be the “ideal self” that she wanted to be. You see, Dorothy is a kawaii loli-chan desu, but really she wants to be a sexy lady like Fuka. while back at the ranch, the tower and the dog Toto are both angry that Dorothy has left them. They’re both so yandere that they decide to MERGE with each other, Toto’s body dies and now Dog-Tower-kun gattais into a shota named So(his name) . So(his name) is the final boss who’s out to sacrifice whatever is necessary to get Fuka back into Dorothy’s body.

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