Japanese シーザー
Rōmaji Caesar
Personal Information
Gender Male
Eye Yellow
Hair White
Affiliation The Wolf Gang
Anime debut Episode 4
Japanese voice Takuya Kirimoto

Caesar (シーザー?) is one of the route's of the Ozmafia!! game. Caesar is the leader of the Wolf Gang; a cruel man who does not wish to follow the orders of others.

Character Bio Edit

The leader of the band of outlaws, the Wolf Gang. Cruel and cunning, he has no qualms about hurting people with his two swords. He's the first one to discover our heroine, and is very persistent about capturing her.


Caesar has messy white hair which almost reaches his shoulders. His eyes are golden and sharp, with thin animal-like pupils. He is often seen with an annoyed or cocky countenance.

He wears a long white jacket with teal and brown accents, and a black belt around the back. His dark blue shirt is open in the middle, with a golden belt on the bottom holding a white strap which hangs near his right leg. He wears dark pants with a white belt and purple cuffs on his forearms.

At the meteor shower gathering, he is seen wearing a black cloak which covers all but his eyes and forehead.

Personality Edit

Caesar is persistent and determined in his hunt for Fuka. He crosses Oz territory numerous times to capture Fuka, despite previous failures. He is very demanding and often bosses around Soh, especially with cooking. He also appears very prideful, considering himself stronger than others and challenging opponents to duels.

Plot Edit

Fuka invites Caesar to the Meteor Shower Gathering, and he accepts. He wears a cloak to prevent himself from standing out, but is noticed by mafia members; Fuka instructs him to run so as to prevent trouble.

Another week, Scarlet sees Fuka and Caesar walking together in the forest. He tells the Oz family that the two of them have been meeting, and Fuka is told she isn't allowed into the forest anymore. Two Sundays later, she happens to meet Soh in town, and tells him why she was not there the previous week.

Fuka meets Hamelin. Caesar approaches them and threatens him, neither of them knowing who Hamelin is. Fuka escapes safely, but Caesar falls victim to the control of Hamelin's pipe.

Caesar almost kills Fuka under Hamelin's control, but stabs himself instead. He is also wounded by a berserk Caramia, and falls unconscious for several days. After he awakens, he regularly tries to visit Fuka but is chased off by the Oz family.


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