Carmia is well-known for his courage and gentleness. He is the Mafia boss of the Oz territory and is highly respected even by other family bosses.

Japanese カラミア
Rōmaji Caramia
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Adult
Zodiac Sign Leo
Eye Gold
Hair Red
Affiliation Oz Family

Character Bio Edit

The don of famiglia Oz. Kind and magnanimous, he's beloved by the townspeople. He invites our hapless protagonist to live at the Oz estate. He carries two pistols, but his greatest weapon is the undying loyalty of his subordinates. His birthday is on August 16.

Personality Edit

Although he has the highest position is the family, he can still be bossed around by his right hand man Kyrie (with good intentions of course). He likes reading books and secretly wants to surpass Kyrie’s knowledge. Even though he looks sturdy, he has a bad health and once showed Fuka his drawer full of pills. He treats Fuka like his own daughter, but there are times where he regrets being too kind to her, because his feelings and true intentions are often overlooked. He has a big heart often takes care of others, is dearly loved by everyone in town. 

Plot Edit

Contains spoilers! (will be organized & filled out with time)

He invites the heroine to live in the Oz family mansion.

In the latter part of the game, Kyrie revealed that  they were once not human and Caramia was once a cowardly lion. Fuka overhears Caramia and Kyrie talking that Fuka’s scent reminds Caramia of the girl who was once meant very dear to him. 

Trivia Edit

  • His weapons are two pistols.
  • He used to be the cowardly lion.
  • He wears glasses while reading books.
  • According to the visual appearances in the OZMAFIA anime and the website who created the game (, Caramia is depicted to have red hair. The confusion of his hair being seen as blond is most likely due to the color effects in the otome game.

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