Hamelin (Hameln)
Japanese ハーメルン
Rōmaji Hāmerun
Other Names, etc. ??
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Adult
Eye Gray
Hair Blonde
Affiliation Grimm Family
Japanese voice Hideshi Hara

Character Bio Edit

The don of famiglia Grimm. He's a bit of a playboy, but his big heart makes him beloved by his subordinates. Scarlet often scolded him for his inattentiveness. For certain reasons he is presently not with his famiglia.

Personality Edit

Hamelin is an enigma. In each route he appears in besides his own, he is shown as an unstable, cruel antagonist that has given into the madness inside of himself. In his route, carrying heavy regrets, he is generally somewhat melancholic but covers it up with a smile and snarky remarks. He likes to tease people, especially the heroine and anyone he thinks he can get a rise out of (one of them being Pashet), which is also present in any other route that he shows up, albeit in a crazed way. He carries a lot of love and care inside him, and is willing to give himself up for the heroine, but it's only fully shown in one of his routes endings (of which could be considered the "good" end in contrast to the other one.)

Plot Edit

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