Kyrie appears to be a gentle person, but is really very malicious. He is the consigliere of the Oz family.

Japanese キリエ
Other Names, etc. Scarecrow
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday February 8
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Eye Blue
Hair Green
Occupation Consigliere
Affiliation Oz family

Character Bio Edit

The consigliere of famiglia Oz. Don't let his gentle demeanor fool you; he's a calculating man with a heart black as soot. He is universally recognized as a sadist. While he’s a crack shot with anything he puts his hands to, he prefers not to dirty his own hands if at all possible, especially when others are so easily manipulated.

Personality Edit

Kyrie is a mischievous and twisted person, with a hidden sweet side. He often bullies his family, Axel and Caramia, into doing things for him. He prefers not to do things himself, but will do dirtier jobs for the sake of gathering information. The brains of the family.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His weapon is a rifle, but he usually will not use it, as he prefers to manipulate others into doing the dirty work.