Once upon a time, a girl and her beloved pet dog were swept away to a magical land by a tornado. With a witch's silver slippers upon her feet, the girl set out for a city of emeralds to meet a great wizard and ask him to send her home. Along the way she made some unusual friends who joined her on her journey as they too had requests to make of the great wizard. The path may have been fraught with many trials, but eventually the small party made their way to the city of emeralds and had their wishes granted by the great wizard.
You may think you know how the story ends, but what if the girl hadn't felt that there was 'no place like home'...?

Welcome to the Ozmafia wiki! Edit

Ozmafia is an otome game developed by Poni-Pachet, released for PC in June 2013 and for PlayStation Vita in February 2015. An English version was released on PC through Steam April 29, 2016.

The game also has a manga adaption, and will be receiving a short anime adaption summer 2016.


Official website (jp) - Official Website (en) - Official Twitter - VNDB page Edit

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